Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

10 February 2017

07:30 - 14:30

Lion's Head

Ukhanyo Primary School

Hiking Lion's Head - Roaaaarrring FUN!

On Saturday, the 11 February 2017, we kick-started the new year by sweating off the old energy and inviting in the new energy by hiking up Lion's Head. What started as a hike, turned in to a race to the top, with 60 very energetic and enthusiastic Grade 7 children from Ukhanyo Primary School. This was an amazing day of natural exploration for the children and they were able to take in the beautiful sights of Cape Town from way up high!

As always, these outings are about the people and the special connections that get made along the way. In order to facilitate these days, there are many people who are involved and to them we owe a huge thank you! So, drum roll please...Thank you to Santa Ana Spur at the Waterfront, for accommodating such a HUGE group and looking after us so well! And thank you to the Spur Foundation for making this possible - being able to sit down and share a meal with both the beneficiary and volunteers always adds more value to our outings. Thank you to HCI Foundation and Golden Arrow for helping us to transport our groups to anywhere we wish to take them - you really are the bus for us! And to Truworths, for making us visible wherever we go with our beautiful bright T-shirts! The amount of people who stopped us to ask who we were, what we did and how they could get involved was countless! And, of course, we are truly thankful to our loyal Sisanda volunteers who made this day even more special by being hands-on and making sure that every child goes home with beautiful everlasting memories of this day.

Pictures from the day