There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

11 March 2016

08:30 - 15:30


Marsh Memorial Home, Leliebloem and Heatherdale Child and Youth Centre

Hippity Hop!

On Saturday the 12 March, 20 enthusiastic volunteers climbed on board the Golden Arrow bus, driven by Peter, one of our favourite drivers. Our journey started at Leliebloem where we picked up our first beneficiary and then headed along to Heatherdale and finally Marsh Memorial. Once all the children were collected, the fun already started on the bus with singing and chitter chatter amongst everyone! Our final destination was the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, where we were to begin a chocolatey adventure!

As we settled on the lawns under a beautiful tree that gave us some much needed shade, we all had to look the part before we could go off in search of Easter eggs. So, each child received a sweet little bunny mask that they had to cut out and wear and there were certainly some great bunny hoppers in our midst! After everyone was hippity hopping they were off to find their first bunny who was hidden away behind some rocks. When the bunny was found, the children had to play the egg and spoon race and there was lots of cheering to win and be the best!

Now it was starting to heat up, so a quick stop at one of the many fountains in the Garden and they were off in search of their next bunny! After a short walk through the fragrance garden and up a steep little hill, the next bunny could be found resting under a big oak tree. A quick game of red robot/green robot ensued and before long the children were lined up and receiving yet another treat!

Off they went into the shade of the trees and the cooling sound of the water to find the next bunny hidden at Dell Bath. Here they had to answer a question before they could get their treat: How many trees are in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens? There were various answers and eventually they all got a treat and were hopping and skipping along the cobbles and up the stairs towards the Boomslang. After crossing the boomslang and going through the enchanted forest, they found their last bunny, who was happily waiting to give them another treat.

The hunt ended on the lawns where each child had to find a carrot that was hidden in order to feed the bunnies who had worked so hard throughout the day! When they fed the bunny, they were rewarded with a beautiful big easter egg that was gobbled up in no time!

At this point, everyone was feeling quite hot and tired and so our lunch at The Rodeo Spur was an absolute treat! Nadia and her staff spoilt each child with a balloon and goodie bag and on their way out they were given a delicious ice cream for their journey home! Thank you!

Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors who helped make this day possible: Truworths, HCI Foundation, Spur Foundation, National Lottery Commission

Photo Credit: Micaela Peters

Pictures from the day