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- Jim Trelease

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19 May 2017

19 May 2017

Cape Town City Hall

Kleinberg Primary School

It's Show Time!

On Saturday 20th May, we hosted 36 children between the ages of 9-11 years from Kleinberg Primary School in Ocean View.

Despite it being a dark and chilly morning, 14 volunteers arrived to get the day started. We all climbed on board the Golden Arrow Bus and started our coastal journey around the mountain to reach the children at Ocean View.

Once our volunteers were paired up with their children for the day, we headed off to Wynberg Girls High School for a morning of games, singing and dancing, led by our fantastic Activity Leaders (Yusuf, Aaqeela & Naazly). Our volunteer Jean stole the show with his enthusiastic dance moves, staging a dance off between the boys & girls.

Once we were warmed up, Jacques le Sueur arrived and treated us to a fantastic magic show. Both the children and volunteers were completely amazed by Jacques magic, not only did he make objects disappear, he managed to turn a R10 note into R20 right in front of our eyes! Now that is a skill worth having! With the childrenís eyes now popping out of their heads, Jacques very kindly shared some of his card tricks with the group. We started the day with 36 children, and now we have 36 young magicians!

After filling up on fruit and snacks, we made our way back to the bus to begin our journey to City Hall for the next part of the daysí activities, a trip to the theatre.

We were very excited to get tickets for our whole group to see a childrenís theatre performance called The Book Binder, part of the Cradle of Creativity International theatre festival in Cape Town. This was a very new and different experience for some of our children and volunteers, who hadnít been to see live theatre before.

After a very spooky story at City Hall, we headed to Rodeo Spur in Claremont for a delicious lunch along with more fun and dancing. As always, the team at Rodeo Spur pulled out all the stops and had our children dancing round the restaurant with their Spur hats on! What a fantastic way to end our Funday.

Thank you to all our volunteers who joined us on the day as well as our activity leaders, bringing fun, laughter and energy to each day. Thank you to Wynberg Girls High School for giving us space to play and to Jacques Le Sueur for an amazing magic show.

Thank you to all our sponsors who make these days possible, the Spur Foundation, Truworths, and the HCI Foundation.

Pictures from the day