The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

Event details

30 October 2015

08:30 - 15:30

Sea Point Promenade


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Pirates on the Promenade

Ahoy me matey's! The volunteers and children from the Ncedolwethu Educare were faced with some chilly wind and overcast skies but that didn't hamper their enthusiasm for the day ahead!

We met at the Green Point Lighthouse and before the adventure began, it was essential that the children from Ncedolwethu were transformed into wee little pirates! Once they were aaaarrr arrr-ing, they set their sights on the various clues that led them off on a hunt for treasure placed at different stops along the Sea Point Promenade.

The first stop was an enormous wooden jungle gym where they spent some time taking in the sea views and playing wildly, as pirates do! Once the whistle went, they were off to discover their next clue. They found it at Three Anchor Bay which then led them to the outdoor gym, where they worked on getting big and strong! After that they were off to sing songs into the amazing white horse sculptures. From there the giant spectacles were quite the spectacle as well as the whizzing of the merry-go-round!

After all the running and excitement, a short break under the trees was much needed. And then, just like that, they were off! A quick dig in the beach for some buried chocolate treats and then the greatest treasure of all - a magic show by the incredible Jacques le Sueur, who amazed us with his tricks! Our last clue sent us to the rhino sculpture, where everyone got a chance to piece the rhino together. We weren't there for long, before a street performer caught our attention and we were dashing off after the children to watch an enthralling high wire act, showcasing once again, the beauty and spontaneity that the promenade can offer! And of course, pirates need to eat too! So, after all the treasure hunting and arr-ing, we went to the Santa Ana Spur at the V&A Waterfront to be treated to a delicious lunch.

Thank you to all our volunteers who assisted on the day, as well as our amazing sponsors: HCI Foundation, National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), Spur Foundation and Truworths.

Pictures from the day