We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

04 June 2011

08:15 - 16:30

Ibhabhathane Art Studios and Iziko Museum


Planetary Wonder Fun Day

We paired up with Spark ATM to run a Fun Day for 40 7- to 16-year-old children from Emasithandane Children's Home in Nyanga. The home is run by Mama Zelphina Maposela and a few dedicated social workers. We've seen a few children's homes in our time, and this one could really use resources, so check out the wish list on their website if you're eager to help out. The day was a wonderful treat for the children. We spent the morning in a fun art workshop (run by Nix Davies and the amazing Ibhabhathane team) where they all created their own solar system mobiles and got completely engrossed in drawing! This was followed by a yummy lunch at the Strand Street Spur, where the kids got to boogie with the waiters as well. We then took a stroll through the gardens, saying hi to the oversized squirrels. The afternoon was spent gazing at the planetary wonder of the Iziko Planetarium. Some of the younger kids fell asleep at this point! Thank you to all our extra special volunteers: Lester-Mark, Nina, Kim, Marc and Tanya Sternberg, Russel Berman, Kirsten Veenstra, Ryan Tzamtzis, Herwin Leendertz, Angelique Leendertz, Chanel Swano, Dean Loppets, Quinton Hoffman, Kim, Cheswill, Tracy Pulcella, Salvatore De Felice, Archie Ndhlovu and Sulamein.