Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

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27 March 2015

27 March 2015

Robben Island

Al Noor

Rediscover Robben Island

The morning started with a bit of a rush as we had to get 30 children from Al Noor Orphanage in Woodstock along with 19 volunteers from Eighty20, Spur and Sisanda to the Waterfront for the 9am ferry to Robben Island. The weather was perfect for the incredible views and calm waters for the boat ride across to the island. We were lucky enough to see dolphins, seals and many more along the way. A visit to Robben Island is very informative and educational, for the young children from Al Noor it was a great way to learn more about one of our most influential leaders, Nelson Mandela. The bus tour on the island took us to some of its heritage sites and we ended with a tour of the prison, we also got to see Mandela’s cell. After a long boat ride back we took our Golden Arrow bus to the Eagle Eye Spur in Observatory for a well-deserved lunch. It was a lovely day out and the children could not have asked for more enthusiastic and energetic volunteers.
Thanks to the volunteers for being great mentors on the day and showing the children all the attention they needed. A massive thank you to Eighty20 for making it happen, and being so involved on the day, your support means a lot to us and as you saw from the day it means the world to the children.
To our four main sponsors we really appreciate everything you do for Sisanda in order to create such incredible and successful days. Spur, Truworths, HCI/Golden Arrow and National Lottery thank you from everyone involved in Sisanda.

Pictures from the day