The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

Event details

18 August 2018

10:00 - 14:00



Taking the Party to St Joseph's!

On Saturday, the 18th of August we brought a very festive day to St Joseph's Hospital in Montana. As the home cares for children who are chronically ill, they were unable to leave the facility and so we brought the party to them!

As always our trustworthy, reliable Golden Arrow bus dropped off our ambitious volunteers. No distance is too far for Golden Arrow. Thank you so much.

Ronell Petersen (Resource Development) gave us a warm welcome and gave us a very insightful tour of the hospital. This allowed the volunteers to receive a better understanding of the difficult realities which the children and staff face on a daily basis. This allows for the volunteers to interact with the kids in a more informed manner and prepares them emotionally too.

St Joseph's Hospital is very impressive. We learnt that in the past 80 years 20 000 children have been cared for and given a second chance at childhood. Their Hospital offers Intermediate Healthcare and great Rehabilitation Services, such as speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to name a few.

Then the children were taken by the hand and taken outside into the beautiful green park area. Then the party began!

Spur was amazing! They had set up jumping castles and provided canopies to keep the kids in the shade. Not only this - they arranged for burgers to be made on site. Curious little ones were able to sneak a peek. Colourful little tables and chairs were also set up, this created little stations for the Sisanda activities.

We had 4 stations:
One of them being a face-paint area. Our creative and talented Jasmin painted children's faces. When it came to choosing a character or theme the sky was the limit. Many princesses and superheroes emerged. And these children truly are little, powerful superheroes. Thank you Jasmin for reminding them that fairytales do exist.

The next station included a craft tables dedicated to creating beautiful rain-makers. Paint, fun stickers, thread etc were used. Then rice was filled into the tubes to create beautiful sounds. Volunteers got really involved and were having just as much fun.

Then there was a colouring in station and a station where the children could create dragonflies. These dragonflies were made out of colourful popsicle sticks and googly eyes. "Learning through play".

Then to add to the festivities Jaques performed an awe-inspiring magic show. Allowing all the children, of all ages and medical conditions, feel involved. Jaques your magic and personality is so wonderful and we thank you for this. The bright faces of the children said it all.

We would like to thank our volunteers for their generous donations and the love they shared. Many of the children found comfort in just being held and listened to. On such events volunteers demonstrate their patience and genuine interest in giving their time to those in need.
We look forward to seeing you again - as you form the essence of such a day.

To the SPUR FOUNDATION - we are lost for words. Many many heartfelt thanks. We are eternally thankful for you making this day happen! You played a vital role - thank you for making this day so memorable and such a success. The children absolutely loved the jumping castles and the delicious burgers. It is not every day that they get treated to your famous Spur burgers. It was a true Spur experience!

Sisanda would like to thank NLC, Truworths, the HCI Foundation. Your assistance makes these days a reality. You make all the difference.

Another fantastic Fun Day!

Pictures from the day