Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

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14 July 2017

08:00 - 15:30

Two Oceans Aquarium


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Event Comments

"He (volunteer) was very kind to us, fun and nice" - Child from Ubunye Educare aged 11
"I liked to see the sharks because sharks are my favourite, and I enjoyed seeing penguin and I enjoyed seeing Jellyfish, they're different from others" - Child from Ubunye Educare aged 10
"I liked seeing the big fish, the bus and the food!" - Child from Ubunye Educare aged 6
"I liked watching the penguins, but I didn't like watching the sharks!" - Child from Ubunye Educare aged 6

Under the Sea

On Saturday 15th July, we had an incredible FunDay for 31 children and 2 carers from Ubunye Educare Centre in Dunoon. 19 fantastic volunteers, 5 of whom were experiencing their first ever FunDay, joined us on our day of discovery!

We had an extremely wet and windy start to the day, however this didnít affect our volunteersí energy first thing in the morning. Once we had collected the children from Ubunye Educare Centre, we ventured down to the V&A Waterfront to start our exploration at Two Oceans Aquarium. With so much to see, the children and volunteers were very busy discovering different marine life including giant jellyfish and penguins.

The children from Ubunye had never experienced the Aquarium before, so it really was an exciting day of discovery for them. We had happy faces, slightly unsure faces, and then somewhat scared faces when they realised there were real life sharks in the tank! Thank you to the Two Oceans Aquarium for hosting such a big group of us on Saturday, we all had a fantastic time.

Once we had found Nemo (and his friends), we took a gentle walk through the Waterfront to Santa Ana Spur. En route, we stopped to enjoy the sounds of the marimba band and couldnít help but join in for a little dance!

Paul, Neil & their team at Santa Ana Spur hosted us once again, providing us with a warm, nutritious meal in such a friendly environment. Thank you to Spur Foundation for making this possible.

Our thanks also goes out to the HCI Foundation along with Golden Arrow for providing us with transport for the day. You really do enable us to reach children from different communities, allowing us to access new places and experiences.

We couldnít deliver such exciting FunDays without our Volunteers, thank you for taking time out of your weekend to give back and create special memories with special children.

Pictures from the day