There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

10 October 2014

08:30 - 14:30

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Margaret's House and Miss Write

Event Comments

"Smell The smell of grass or trees with flowers A smell of dust on the sand The smell of the water that we drank The smell of the ocean it felt like I was also in the Sea The smell of the apple juice The smell of the burger sizzling on the grill The smell of a coke The smell of potato chips, tomato and lettuce" - Nasiphi Khube (13 years old)
"Taste: A taste of Juice as it gets into my mouth straight to the throat, ...smooth and tasty The taste of the tangy Nik Naks as they crunched in my mouth. The taste of water, as I drank the water after a long walk in the mountains. A taste of a fizzer that fizzed like cream soda. A taste of a burger that I was given to eat, when I was hungry like a lion. The taste of fried chips as I ate the chips using a fork and knife" - Sisipho Nduna (12 years old)
"Sound The sound of the wind as the bus drove The sounds of rocks underneath our feet while we were hiking The sound of trees rustling in the wind The chirps and calls of different birds" - Nomzamo Rum (13 years old)
"Touch The touch of a tortoise shell that felt like hard rocks. The touch of the sweat in my skin, as if my body was poured with cold water. The rough sand, falling in my feet. The touch of the Spur burger feeling soft in my hand like a teddy bear." - Lulutho Tshambula (13 years old)
"Smell The smell of dust when we were walking The smell of a fresh sea breeze The smell of the fresh sea breeze The smell of the sweat after a long walk The smell of Spur when we got in: burgers sizzling on the grill" - Anelisa Guzi (12 years old)
"Smell: The salty smell of the Sea The earthy smell of plants and trees The smell of foot dust from the soil The smell of sunscreen The different smell of mouths from the person you talking to The smell of a Spur Burger The smell of the flavor of the drink The smell of chips" - Nobuntu Mtuze (18 years old)

Walk on the wild side at Silvermine

We couldnít have asked for better weather last Saturday when we took 10 boys from Margaretís House and 8 girls from Miss Write on a hike in Silvermine. Along with our fantastic volunteers the group enjoyed a quiz/questionnaire about Silvermine and its surroundings which not only educated them it helped the volunteers and children to bond and get to know each other. The 18 children where mesmerised by the beautiful views over Hout Bay harbour at our half way mark, most of them had not been on a hike before and were extremely excited and overwhelmed by the Nature Reserve. Being in nature brings everyone together and it was clear how the children who were slightly more subdued at the beginning became much more sociable and friendly over the duration of the hike and by the end were leading the pack. After hiking for three hours everyone was starving so we headed to the Tokai Spur where we were welcomed by friendly staff, burgers, chips and cold drinks Ö. We couldn't have asked for a better way to end a hike.
Thank you to Dennis Nick for his kind donation towards our Fun Day and to Gavin at Topcap for making sure no one got sun burnt with the funky hats provided to all the children.
Lastly thank you to our main sponsors Spur, HCI, Truworths. Without you all our day would not run as smoothly and be as successful. A BIG thank you from Sisanda.

Pictures from the day