The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

Event details

30 August 2013

09:15 - 16:15

Green Point

Sozo Foundation- Vrygrond, Emasithandane Children's Home- Nyanga and Ncedolwethu- Mfuleni, Salesians

Wonderful Women

What a Fun Day for 67 teen-aged girls to be pampered, empowered and inspired! We started by filling our 'Spring in Bloom Tree' with more than 100 thumbprint blossoms and spending some time getting to know one another. Each girl signed their name around our tree to say- 'I am a Wonderful Woman!' The girls and their volunteers then mingled through out the crowd with black permanent markers in hand, swapping inspirational quotes and words of wisdom and generally adding their personalities to their new friends t-shirts. The rest of the morning was spent dressing-up, being pampered with make-up, hand massages, nail-painting and generally adding some sparkle before posing for the cameras to have some group photos taken. Lunch was a delicious burger meal from Seven Spur in Sea Point that definitely filled our hungry tummies. Our afternoon was spent being inspired by our Wonderful Women guest speakers, Angela, Noelene and Mashiko, who discussed pertinent teen-aged girl topics such as 'your power to respond', self image, health and nutrition, dieting and setting your goals and eating tasty treats donated by our beautiful volunteers and their friends. The girls piled into their buses swapping numbers with their new friends and happily singing as they drove away still sparkling with soul-glitter.

Pictures from the day