The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease


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Latest News

Sisanda Circles

2012 held many “firsts” for Sisanda FunDaytion. Two of them began in the wintery month of July when we welcomed our first Intern, Zakiya Atkinson from America. Zakiya's main efforts went straight into leading our very first Sisanda Circle – the new and exciting programme that Sisanda FunDaytion is now running next to its original programme, the Fun Days. 
In a nutshell, a Sisanda Circle refers to any longer-term activities facilitated by a volunteer for a small(er) group of children, enabling a volunteer to share their passion and skill with a group of similarly interested children.  Zakiya, who is a professional Dancer, set a perfect precedent by teaching 20 Youths of Thambo Village different styles of Dance for one month, culminating this experience with a show attended by the participants’ community. 

At the show the Sisanda FunDaytion Team couldn't stop smiling: this is what we wanted to see; enthusiasm, talent, fun, perseverance, camaraderie and success. What a happy day that was :) 

Zunaid Moola, an internationally educated man with great experience of teaching others about the tapestry of our colourful South African culture, was the second volunteer to run a very worthwhile Circle discussing news and current affairs with “his kids” from the Vrygrond community. They nick-named their bi-weekly get-togethers the ‘Zwelitsha Circle’ (Zwelitsha meaning new world) which was a  perfect name for their bright and brainy  discussion group tackling personal, national and international world matters – in a fun way of course! 

Fun too is at the top of the priority list for our other Sisanda Circles. Lisa Othmer from Germany created the ‘Rockstar Artwork’ Circle. This group is all about Arts, Crafts and Creativity for children with varying learning and physical disabilities.  The children refine their motor skills and learn to use recycled materials to produce art while enjoying beautiful moments creatively spent together. 

As engaged as Nazareth Houses' kids are with their hands, so are the girls from St Georges Home with their feet. Since November 2012 we were literally running our first Hiking Circle! Many thanks go to Lauren Kaminskas from Mother City Hikers as well as to Amanda Mapanda, who are leading their group of pre-teens once a month for four months along some of the most beautiful tracks Cape Town has to offer. 

Surely you have a skill you could share with the children? Maybe cooking, introducing new career options to teenagers, sharing your knowledge of different African countries or even starting a movie club. We’d love to introduce children to one of your many talents and you to the joy that sharing your skills brings!  From refining your idea and finding the right group of children, to setting up your Circle until it runs smoothly – we’ll support you all the way! Contact us now: