We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher


Connecting families play

Play is not familiar or comfortable for everyone. But learning to laugh and enjoy spending time together can deepen our relationships, love and understanding of each other. Spending time together as a family can help children in numerous ways, not least providing them a safe and nurturing space to grow in. 

This programme helps families to shake off their inhibitions and to get silly together. It helps expose the joy of regular family fun time and provides ideas of how to connect across the generations. 

Through this we hear about strengthened family bonds and emergent levels of communication  such that parents feel more respected, children bully each other less and families talk more easily about tough things usually pushed aside.  

Play Ambassadors

To achieve this we empower young people from the community. Developing as a positive role model can build characters and keep young people moving forward in a positive direction. 

Children are influenced by young people. Our programmes builds young people into role models called Play Ambassadors.  

These Play Ambassadors inspire children and help families and their communities adopt playful attitudes and learn activities which bring optimism, ignite contagious joy and develop and strengthen life skills. 

This programme was born out of the COVID 19 pandemic and community lock-down and is growing.....