Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

23 November 2019

09:30 - 14:00

Roeland St, CBD, Cape Town, 8000

Leliebloem Children's Home

Sisanda Volunteers

Fired up!

On Saturday, 23 November we hosted 20 very smart and energetic children from Leliebloem Childrens home in Athlone.

The day started off with meeting the amazing children with the Golden Arrow Bus (sponsored by the HCI Foundation) There was an excited buzz in the air when we arrived and all the children quickly lined up to get their brightly coloured Sisanda t-shirts and breakfast snacks for the fun bus ride to Town where we met our awesome volunteers who were waiting eagerly for us.

The firefighting team started the day with the utmost enthusiasm and the kids were over the moon with joy and excitement. There was an educational talk and demonstration on fire safety which had everyone involved, dropping and rolling and screaming for help! A great lesson in learning about what to do in an emergency. After the 'serious' side was over, everyone had an opportunity to flex their muscles and spray the fire hoses, aiming for the top of the tallest building! Afterwards we all went for a ride in the firetrucks and that in itself was a memorable moment!

With all the excitement of the morning, we were ready to eat! As always, Neill and his staff at the Santa Anna Spur in Waterfront treated us like royalty and we had a delicious meal and some play time in the Spur play area.

After taking a walk around The Waterfront and snapping some pictures to seize the moment, we said our farewells and the bus came to collect the kids and take them back to Leliebloem.

Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors for making the day possible: HCI Foundation, Spur Foundation and Truworths - your continued support is appreciated!

Photo Credits: Lauren Block

Pictures from the day