The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease


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Latest News

Niki & Ncedolethu team up

Niki Covary is another everyday hero. After volunteering with Sisanda FunDaytion on a Fun Day with the kids from Ncedolethu Educare Centre in Mfuleni 2 years ago, Niki took it upon herself to become their champion. Here is her story:

“I met Florence and the children from Ncedolethu Educare Centre on one of my volunteer Fun Day’s with Sisanda FunDaytion almost two years ago. I was immediately drawn to Ncedolethu as they seemed to have so little and yet the children were so happy and full of life. I started focussing my volunteer efforts on Ncedolethu. The Centre comprises of abandoned children living with her as well as a safe haven and education facility for children. My involvement includes the development of website and a Facebook page for the Centre (in the hope that others may be able to assist or contribute in whichever way possible), collection of clothes, toys and stationary, purchasing of groceries when possible and arranging various events for the Centre (Santa shoebox presents and party; Easter egg party, etc). I am in process of arranging for a fence to be fixed and for a shading structure to be built.

The Centre has many needs but most pressing is that of regular food donations. I am currently assisting on my own when and where possible and am in need of assistance in any form so if anyone wants to get involved please refer to the website ( or contact me on”

Go, Niki!