I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)


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Sisanda FunDaytion -Helping to Inspire Hope in Children

 “As a Social Worker with many years of experience, and especially remembering my early days at Child Welfare in Wynberg, I cannot over emphasise the vital importance of fun and play in the lives of everyone – but especially for the many people who live in this beautiful City who are so down-trodden and immersed in the grinding poverty that characterises their colourless lives, that the pleasures that many of us take totally for granted are totally foreign to them.

I counselled a 10 year old girl the other day, whose single mother works as a domestic worker in Wynberg – and she shared that, when her school went on an outing to the Natural History Museum, it was the first time she had seen Table Mountain from that side! She had also not been to the beach for at least 2 years!

What may seem like a very minor issue to many of us – i.e. giving children a really fun day – can actually leave a lasting indelible impression on a child. The feeling of being important enough to be treated to a day of fun, kindness and new experiences can be a turning point for a child who seldom has the opportunity to have a day such as the Sisanda FunDaytion provides for them. I have been amazed, over the years, to hear tales of adults who still remember people / experiences that became beacons of hope for them during their very deprived and poverty stricken childhoods. Days such as these fun days can open the eyes of a child - and provide the motivation to try harder to rise above their circumstances. Even one such day can lift the spirits of a child and provide hope that more such days can be enjoyed in the future. 

It is inspiring to hear that so many amazing people are willing to give of their time, energy and talents to reach out to others who are not as fortunate – and to help children to realise that there is more out there than the grim reality of their impoverished neighbourhoods. For many a child, that wonderful day of fun may be the beginning of their realisation that they can dream – and that their dreams may just come true one day! 

I wish you every success with this incredible and inspiring endeavour.”

Social Worker in Private Practice and
Author of the “Boundaries” Series of Books 
Anne Cawood

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